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What is Hydroponics Agriculture?

To answer this question, you must understand traditional agriculture.
In traditional agriculture, to remail fertile, plants’ nutrition is based on treating the soil and providing good irrigation.
While this method produces a high quantity and quality of crops, it contaminates the soil.

How does hydroponics work?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. This is the scientific definition of the process. Minerals and nutrients are artificially dissolved in water, creating a supply of necessary nutrients for the plant to live. This is the hydroponic technique one uses to successfully complete a given plants’ life cycle. 1.Plant density is high.
2.Hydroponic plants grow faster because the nutrients of hydroponic cultivation are delivered much faster to the root system of the plants than with conventional methods. Nutrients are directly absorbed by the roots with minimal waste. The plant’s absorption rate may reach 99 percent.
3.The plants draw nutrients directly from the water. Hydroponics also avoids heavy metals in soil and other types of soil contamination.
5. Increase the efficiency of management.
Health Benefits:
Due to the environmental pollution, water needs to be purified.NFT-controlled hydroponics is much healthier than traditional methods to ensure the proper delivery of organic as well as inorganic nutrients to the plants being grown in the hydroponic system.
More and more today people are concerned with food safety. People want to make sure they can eat safely.
Planting your vegetables at home is safe and convenient.


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